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Get Fit & Don’t Forget the Tasty Healthy Meals

After performing intense core workouts for women, it’s only natural for your body to crave food (you expended a lot of energy & calories).

Deciding to get fit and in shape doesn’t mean you have to starve or deprive yourself of tasty delicious foods.

There are plenty of fat burning foods for women that taste great & are healthy to eat & compliment the fitness workouts for your body routines you’ll perform.

Check them out below.

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2 Most Important Facets of Tennis

tennis trainingPlaying tennis is an excellent fitness workout. If you’ve never picked up a racquet before but are interested in hitting a few balls with family and friends then checkout the following suggestion on how to play a good game & hopefully not embarrass yourself on the court.

If you are going to be any good at tennis there are 2 significant points that you really need to understand.

As soon as you have grasped these things you’ll have a lot easier time attempting to play. However, if you are not playing as well as you like, taking some sessions in enhancing your skills as well as technique may be required.

The primary basis of tennis is to undoubtedly bounce the ball to and fro around the center net, however, actually making certain that the round goes where you want it to go includes some mindful consideration on your part as well proper tennis training.

The first significant point you should know is you always have to be ready for the hit. This indicates you could not wave to your best friend or blow your honey a kiss while you wait for the ball.

You should concentrate on the round and the specific place of where the ball is to your racquet. If you look away, lose your focus or just lose the ball then you are not going to smash the ball over the net.

While not all hits/smashes need to be intense it is essential that you are making a mindful effort to get it over the net with every single swing you take.

If you are not prepared to strike the ball either mentally or physically then your game is basically over with you being the loser.

You are virtually handing over the game to your challenger. Making sure that you are ready for the ball is not as tough as once would assume, however it is significantly worth your time to ensure that you are prepared and all set to go.

Never ever waste time looking around at the crowd or attempting to readjust your hair or clothes, they;ll stay put — just focus on the ball and your hit.

The second thing that you need to bear in mind is to follow through with your swing. If you are uncertain about your follow through then you have to make sure that you work it out until you have it down cold. A tennis practice machine can help you improve this area.

A great & effective follow through is a wonderful because it can cover-up any inexperience you may have with playing tennis.

Certainly the professionals are going to have an excellent swing, however you can as well if you continue to work at it and view tennis training programs.

Some additional things to remember are the precise fashion in which you are holding the racquet. You also should make sure that you rotate your shoulder correctly.

This will not only support your follow through, it will certainly lessen the threat of injury and assist you with a powerful swing to get the ball where you wish.

Also remember your position. This is among the moments when your position will certainly be the most essential.

An inadequately implemented stance will certainly cause a horrible follow up virtually every time. but if you keep a great stance & perform a good follow through swing you’ll have at least a first-class game.

If you help with your swing never hesitate to ask for assistance.

Staying Motivated to Reach Your Goals

exercise-moreHappy New Year!

It’s 8 days into 2014. How are you doing with your resolution to get fit and in shape?

Studies show that it takes 21 days to break or start a new habit.

Hopefully, you are incorporating fitness workouts like the Jillian Michaels Treadmill programs and eating right into the 8 days so far.

For me, changing or starting a habit is a challenge.

So that’s why I try to reward myself after I complete a step in reaching my goals.

This year, I plan to exercise at least for 3 days a week. At the end of the week, if I have reached my goal I will purchase a new workout song from iTunes.

A friend of mine enjoys watching anime. So, after each of his workouts he will watch Attack on Titan. He finds the Shingeki no Kyojin characters interesting (that big colossal one kind of freaks me out)

While a colleague of mine will treat herself to a massage each month, once she completes a new chapter to the book she is writing (this is obviously not an exercise goal but it goes to show that you can apply rewards to any goal you have for yourself).

So, what will you do to keep yourself motivated to either break a habit, start a new habit or reach your 2014 goals.

Rewarding yourself after accomplishing even the littlest of goals will have a huge impact on your success.

Get Your Energy Up with Power Yoga!

yoga-pose200One type of exercise for you to try is called Power Yoga, as referred to as the technique of Yoga exercise postures which are done constantly in a collection of workouts without stops.

The method goes along with the Vinsaya, which is referred to as using the breath. This enables you to flow from one pose to the following pose.

Power yoga is identified by energetic exercise which tests you mentally, physically and ability to stay focus. This enables you to reach your internal strength and link with it.

You may have seen these types of workouts performed by Jillian Michaels.

The distinction in power yoga is that the postures are done at a faster speed. This approach is important and valuable in raising your body’s endurance.

Power yoga allows you to preserve and keep good concentration at a longer time without cracking or distracting your concentration. If you want to concentrate on something, energy yoga is worth a try for you.

Power yoga exercise has some resemblances with the adjusted version of Ashtanga Yoga. And there are the certain techniques of Iyengar yoga exercise and Bikram which have an effect on power yoga exercises.

Power yoga exercise likewise incorporates some methods of the Iyengar Yoga which provides focus on the form and positioning throughout the practice. It also consists of methods in holding a stance a lot longer without pauses to obtain maximum benefits.

Although Power Yoga has been influenced by a a lot of yoga exercise techniques, it still has its objective on the traditional Yoga actions which join the physical body, the spirit and the mind distinctively.

The significant objective of yoga is for you to be able to connect to your inner power and to reach every degree with each placements.

With the support of power Yoga, you can dig deep in to your physical body, psychological and spiritual power.

Power yoga exercise is practiced by professional athletes. Not only does it enlighten them and aids in deep concentration it additionally assists them in the decrease of traumas and rehab time. The Jillian Michaels yoga Inferno, will definitely command your focus while burning calories and blasting away fat swiftly.

If you wish to do Power Yoga exercise, you have to determine if you are healthy enough to handle the procedures.

You ought to understand that Power Yoga is performed in a heated area which is made to raise the durability and adaptability of your mind and body as well as increase your focus, minimize tension, raise endurance and sculpt your body which is all completed by you sweating.

Cardio Exercises-Low Or High Strength Exercise Burn Physical body Fat Faster?

workouts for women at homeHave you ever wondered which cardio physical exercises are best for burning off additional body fat? Is walking (low intensity) good or running (high strength) better for burning physical body fat?

Well, both low and high intensity programs will certainly assist you clearing fatty tissue. The question is which is more reliable and burn more physical body fat.

When researchers initially mentioned that low intensity physical exercises, burn glycogen, which is a form of stored carbohydrates stored in your liver and muscular tissues for power, everybody instantly alter their exercise routines to execute reduced strength exercises to burn fat.

But does it really work? Undoubtedly it is not as effective as originally thought. There are still overweight individuals who although they are exercising, their low intensity workouts are not very effective for them to lose weight. Why is that?

Well, researchers were right when they claimed that our bodies burn even more fat through low intensity exercises like strolling or casual swims. However a high intensity workout like running, burn a lot more calories. Even if several of the calories burnt are from glycogen, we will still burn numerous fat calories too.

Furthermore, when your establishment of glycogen is reduced, the carbs from your meal you ate are later converted into glycogen to fill the store and thus will not be changed to body fat when left unused for energy.

Moreover, HIIT cardio exercises crank up your metabolic rate also after your workout is done. This means that your body will continue to burn body fatty tissue hours after you have left the gym. This impact is practically nonexistent in reduced strength cardio or cardiovascular workout.

Your physical body burns up many additional calories during and after higher intensity cardio workouts than lower intensive ones.

You can infuse higher intensity working outs into your cardio exercise by introducing some intervals.

You can stroll briskly for 5 mins, after start jogging for yet another 5 minutes after that, stroll briskly once again till you catch your breath then sprint for 1 minute, followed by another 1 minute walk. Alternate between a sprint and a walk, a min each and do this for 15 minutes and you are done.

Do this for 5 days a week and before long, you will gradually start shedding undesirable body fat and weight.

Suggestion to Decide on the Perfect Racquet

Man Serving Tennis BallPreviously we looked at injuries in particularly tennis elbow and how it’s important to find the right tennis equipment for your still of play.

Next we will look at how to pick the right racket for your game.

In tennis, it is necessary that you have the right tennis training and gear based on your skill level as well as playing style. If you have the wrong racquet, you will likely have issues with improving your game and actually making certain that you cannot play the most effective game feasible.

A good racquet needs to aid you boost gradually, while an inadequately coordinating racquet can cause you problems with having fun, considerably less improving. If you are dealing with a great coach, they must have the ability to give you some ideas on selecting the ideal racquet for your individual demands, nonetheless in the meanwhile there are some standard tips that you could follow to assist you till you get the very best advice from your coach.

If you are just an occasional player or if you consider to start playing it would be a sensible decision to acquire just what is called a power racquet.

This is a racquet that is made to provide more command and support in how the racquet is taken care of. This functions perfectly for those with simply beginning skills since it aids to make up for the absence of skills that you have presently. By providing a much larger head, you have a much greater area that you can hit the ball with.

This is very important for those that are not always the most exact with their swings. Moreover, a power racquet provides a much heavier head, which is effective in helping to give more real power when you are turning the racquet; this permits better pressure to hit the ball, which will certainly supply a much stronger return.

The upcoming racquet that is good for intermediate players is called a tweener racquet. This has the tendency to be much lighter compared to a power racquet and it supplies you with a selection of a sizable or a little head to enable you to relocate in between the 2 baseding on your exact skill level in addition to how well you cannot play. If your reliability excels you can make use of a smaller sized head, if you are still working to develop your accuracy abilities then a bigger head will certainly be a great concept despite this racquet style. The good news regarding tweener racquets is that they are considerably longer than a power racquet. This will certainly enable you to find out more command in addition to power from your very own durability and abilities, as opposed to just exactly what the racquet gives you with.

Your next improve the ladder is called a command racquet. These are normally much bigger and give a much smaller head dimension than a power racquet and several of the tweener racquets. Before you move onto a command racquet, you should have some rather basic abilities developed initially. A control racquet will generally allow you to have even more command during your game, however at the exact same time, you are losing some of the power that a power racquet game you to begin with.

This makes it very vital that you are capable of supplying adequate power in your swing to manage the ball suitably. If you are not sturdy sufficient to manage it without a power racquet after that you will certainly have to avoid a command racquet momentarily.

If you are just starting to play tennis you should constantly find the advice of your coach or specialist before you in fact acquire a racquet.

Tennis Elbow: How to Prevent It

water-pillsGetting & staying fit is very important to your health and well-being but sometimes injuries can occur on your journey.

So learning how to reduce injuries is just as pertain as getting healthy.

If you get your fitness workout through playing tennis then you’ll want to read forth on how to prevent Tennis Elbow

So what can you do to prevent a tennis elbow injury?

There are several things you can do which will dramatically lessen your chances of having a tennis elbow injury which incidentally afflicts thousands of players every year.

The first and most important thing is to select proper tennis  gear. There are guidelines that need to be followed when selecting a tennis racquet, and this especially applies to the vast majority of players, who never play in a tournament, but equally suffer the greatest number of Tennis elbow injuries.

You must test as many racquets as possible, like the Wilson Blade 98 or Head Youtek rackets before choosing the one
for you, and take advice from your coach or a qualified salesman before parting with any money!

It is best to choose a graphite racquet because it will lessen vibration and give you better torque control.

Don’t buy an oversized racquet because although the sweet spot might be bigger, the area outside the sweet spot is very difficult and created excessive torque which leads to tennis elbow injury.

A racquet with a more flexible frame will reduce your chances of a tennis elbow injury.

A heavier racquet vibrates less, but don’t buy a racquet with a heavier head because they increase the risks. A heavier handle is OK. Really what you are looking for is a racquet with a high sweet spot, light head and good balance.

Make sure that the string tension is at the lower end of the specifications., and use synthetic nylon, making sure you get a restring every few months

When you are playing especially on clay do not allow the balls to get heavy. This has the potential to cause tennis elbow, so change them often, also when it is damp.

It is a good idea to get some lessons from a qualified tennis instructor, and ask them to pay particular attention to your technique.

This applies particularly to weight transfer and chest neck and shoulder being kept stable, so your shot making is better and there isn’t too much muscle tension.

Warm up properly before you begin, doing gradual stretching exercises for the wrist. Seek advice about the best exercises.

When you are playing tennis start your backhand from the shoulder not the forearm.

Bend your forearm on your forehand shots, so your biceps and shoulder take the force of your swing rather than your elbow .

Whatever you do, bend the arm when you serve. A straight arm and rigid wrist means the elbow takes all the shock of contact.

Finally, don’t put too much topspin on the ball when you play a ground stroke.

If you can do all this then you will dramatically reduce your chances of a tennis elbow injury

Sweat – Put Back What You Put Out

One of the downsides of exercising is the sweating.

Sweat is wet, it smells and you don’t want to be around any one when it happens, especially if you’ve finished a workout program like PX90. Those routines have you dripping buckets of sweat.

You simply can’t wait to hop into the shower after training with Tony Horton.

But sweat isn’t all bad. It’s an important bodily function because it keeps your body cool during those times when it gets heated and it also has other beneficial properties like detoxifying solids and managing the sodium in your blood.

So, to ensure your body remains cool during your workout & that you remain comfortable during each routines, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids like water.

You don’t want to suffer from dehydration and all the painful consequences associated it.

So make sure you Replenish the liquids you loss during exercise – Put Back What You Put Out.

Watch the video below to discover Why We Sweat

To learn more about hydration during exercise visit here

What is Your Purpose for Exercising?

running up stairs exercisingThere are many great reasons for you to workout on a daily basis from the obvious of improving your health to the less subtle reasons like to promote better sleep.

My neighbor recently shared with me that his goal is to lose weight & stay healthy. His purpose for finally getting healthy is that he wants to attend his now newborn son’s wedding in the future (he is so elated to be a new father).

We each have our own reasons for engaging in high intensity interval training workouts & cardio exercises at home.

So, before you begin any fitness routine, determine your purpose or reasons for why you have made this promise of “getting in shape” to yourself because your purpose/reasoning will serve you as great motivation on those days when you don’t want to exercise. They will propel you forward to reaching your workout goals.

Getting in shape may not be the most glamorous of activities but it is the most rewarding especially when you have a good reason/purpose in mind.

We’d love to hear your purpose for exercising below.

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