Native Creators Collection Gamer Girl – Not Quite a Winner?

Today I will talk about the Native Creators Collection figure Gamer Girl.

Gamer Girl was released in November 2013 and made her way to the United States in December of 2013.


When I saw pics of her from a Wonder Festival event I thought she was really cute and I really like the name Gamer Girl. It sounds all techno-savvy and feminine (my kind of girl to hang out with!).

Aruchu Kizuki designed Gamer Girl and the figure Maid Bride Yuki which Orchid Seed released in 2013. Kizuki is also responsible for the very alluring figure X-EROS Cover Girl who will be making her way into collections later this year (2014).


I was a bit surprise to discover that Gamer Girl like other girls from the Native Class of 2013 hadn’t sold out across some USA anime shops.

She’s cute and comes with accessories . . . why aren’t fans snatching her up?

I learned that Maid Bride Yuki also suffered the same lack of interest as Gamer Girl. It’s not to say that no Native fan has her in their collection, she just didn’t sell-out as quickly as previous released figures. For some reason a lot of fans are not picking up this girl.

I believe, despite her easy on the eyes appearance, she simply isn’t doing anything exciting or arousing!


If you honestly look at her . . . she’s simply a lovely, partially clothed girl sitting on a desk . . . not really that arousing is it?

Even if that is the case I still like Gamer Girl or maybe I simply like Aruchu Kizuki’s design style.

I can’t tell but something is slightly off with Gamer Girl and Maid Bride Yuki.



Another thing that may be hurting this gamer girl’s appeal, are the many knockoffs floating all over eBay. As I am writing this, there are figures of her going for $50 on eBay.

In what insane, alternate world can you get an authentic Native figure for $50? Bizarro world or Fakeland.

It’s almost approaching Gamer Girl’s anniversary and you can still get her for under $200. So, if you ever thought about getting Gamer for your collection, now is the time or you can spend over $200+ for her later.

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Native Creators Collection Princess Stella – Just a Bit Too Loli

Today we are going to take a look at Native Creator’s Collection figure Princess Stella.

She was released June 2014 (Japan) and made her way into the USA July 2014.

Stella was also designed by Ooyari Ashito, who did the lovely Princess Mordina and one would think that Stella would have gotten the same type of love as her predecessor Mordina .

Unfortunately, I do not believe that is the case.


I do not feel a lot of Native fans fell in love with her as they did for Mordina.

When Princess Stella’s photos were shown during a Wonder Festival event fans were really excited.

They thought it was another awesome Native figurine like Mordina but when the paint job was completed I believe, like a bad stock, her appeal began to drop (it was enough to make fans reconsider adding her to their collection).

So What Went Wrong?

  1.  Her look is way too young. She’s really on the borderline. She’s almost acceptable but then again having her in your collection may have you feeling like a pedo. (yes, she’s a loli like Mordina but Stella looks really young. It could be due to the fact that her head is really small . . . like a child’s). Also I don’t think a lot of USA anime stores ordered her for their shop (very few USA sellers are offering her on eBay). These shops tend to off hentai-like stuff but pedo-ish stuff makes USA stores feel iffy (and who can blame them with the underage laws out there).
  2. the color scheme is not pleasant to the eyes at all. It’ not a complimentary combination going on here. Unlike Mordina whose colors were soft and lovely, Stella’s are very contradictory. Maybe it’s there to play up the whole S&M thing but . .  no, no I do not like it at all.
  3. There are way too many design elements going on with Stella. We have the stripes which go vertical, diagonal and horizontal. And there is also that harsh design of ruffles along her knee high socks and waistband.


Normally a cute girl in twintail looking a bit S&Mish is desirable by fans but this figure misses the mark slightly and because of that I believe Stella will not sell-out as quickly as Princess Mordina.

This is really great news if you want to get Stella into your collection.

Usually Native figures steadily go up in price within a month or two after their release in USA however Stella’s price is steadily the same.

Sellers have not increased her price yet and I believe it will probably stay this way until the beginning of 2015.

In 2015, several seller will begin to increase her price because they believe they can get more $$ for her. I don’t think she is worth that increase but that’s just how some businesses think.

If you have any interest of getting Princess Stella into your collection, then now, until the end of 2014, is the right time to make that purchase.

If you wait any longer, you will be paying way more than you need to.


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Native Creators Collection Princess Mordina – Why We Love Her

The first figure we will take a look at today is one of our favorites!

The Native Creators Collection Princess Mordina also written as Moledina.

She was released 2012 and this little cutie sold out quickly on many USA shops.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we believe she became such a hit with Native fans.


I don’t know if it was the promo shots or what be Princess Mordina instantly grabs your attention.

Everything from the color of her hair to the hue of her dress to the gold ball & chain . . . each one compliments the next.


And it doesn’t hurt either that we are sneaking a peek as she enjosy a moment of self love!

The designer, Ooyari Ashito really did a great job with this figure.

Yes, she is of the loli nature which is a really fine line for us but this princess is like a work of art. She’s really beautiful.


I think figures that have this type of theme of loving thyself are more desirable then girls simply standing around looking pretty.

It’s just a theory I’m playing around with. We’ll see if it materializes into fact.

According to Native she retailed for 9000 yen back in 2012.

My gosh that was cheap!

Of course she was a bit more for those of us living outside of Japan due to the fact that our favorite retails had to get her from distributors who of course imported her from Japan and then attached that additional cost plus their wholesale markup to her wholesale. (everybody needs to make $$. nothing wrong with that when it’s a figure of this quality and desirability)

Currently on eBay you can get an authentic Princess Mordina for about $400+

Be wary. There are plenty of knockoff versions of her on eBay as well.

You will rarely ever see an Authentic Native figure going for $9.99, if you do it is either because:

  • the seller who is offering her as a bid is going out of business and needs to sale his/her inventory quickly  & believe she will go up in price or
  • the seller is offering a 100% fake, knock-off figure.

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